Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Shout out for shingle

This unpromising, nay bleak coastal terrain bursts into life in summer.


Wild roses.

Just the other side of this hedge, people are working with nature

to make beautiful gardens.

They shared their efforts with us to raise money for the local hospice.

When I contemplate the sorry apology for a lawn at home,
I wonder if the way forward isn't just to scalp it
and ship in the shingle.
(My only caveat is that pebbles are
 so darned noisy and not barefoot friendly.)

Reminded me of this
and Freda's two gates.


  1. Those gardens are beautiful (I'm wondering where?). I love how having limitations and working with what there is inspires so much creativity... sometimes it can be easier than having overwhelmingly limitless options.

  2. Rye Harbour nature reserve and Winchelsea beach. All on the same stretch of coastline.

  3. Drawing inspiration from Derek Jarman's garden at Dungeness?

  4. I expected photos of hairstyles ! There was even something called a Pringle Shingle , apparently . Not terribly flattering ... your photos are much prettier .

  5. These are wonderful photographs, and gardens. I am curious about the purple flower in the first photograph - could it be chicory? There is such a marvellous variety.

    1. I was hoping someone could tell me. My trusty Collins guide didn't have it.